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Our Approach

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The businesses we generally focus on acquiring are in the wholesale distribution and/or light manufacturing sectors where there is recurring revenue and business to business transactions.

Matt and the Mycroft team work closely with business owners who are interested in transitioning their company to new ownership. After an acquisition, the strong operational experience of the Mycroft team will help ensure that your business continues to prosper and that its obligations are fully met. Experience that the team brings include Lean Business Practices, Customer Retention, Successful Selling Techniques, Cash Management and Employee Relations. All these skills are used to drive your business forward and ensure that your legacy endures into the future.

Over the past decade, we have developed an acquisition procedure; please contact us and ask about our approach and how it works.

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At Mycroft, our highest priority is to ensure a successful transition that respects the traditions and past successes and provides a safe, stable working environment for its employees.

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